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Mosquito Repellent Series

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Step To Prevent Dengue

Air-conditioner Tray

  • Remove air conditioner trays
  • Engage a contractor to redirect water from air-conditioner to the bathroom

Flowerpot Plates

  • Avoid using flowerpot plates
  • Remove water from flower pot plates on alternate days for effective mosquito control in Singapore
  • Scrub the plates thoroughly to remove mosquito eggs

Flower Vases

  • Change water in flower vases
  •  Scrub the inside of vases to remove mosquito eggs
  • Flush roots of plants with running water

Once a week

  • Check that the flow of water is not blocked along corridor scupper drains
  • Ensure that potted plants other belongings are not placed over the drains

When not in use

  • Turn over all water storage containers and keep them dry
  • Cover gully traps or install anti-mosquito valves to prevent any potential breeding
  • Cover all containers that contain water
  • Cover bamboo pole holders

When On vacation

  • Turn over all water storage containers and keep them dry
  • Cover all gully traps and toilet bowls
  • Seal off the overflow pipe of flushing cistern

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