Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Dropping the Dengue Fever By 91%


Mosquitoes are one of the dreadful pests that cause millions of death every year. Scientists have been working to make genetic modifications in mosquitoes to control their population and reduce the cases of mosquito related diseases. At last, they have been successful in their feat. Today, scientists use the RDIL technique that focuses on achieving sterility through genetic engineering in mosquitoes. The RIDL technique has been successfully tested in diamondback moths, olive flies, and Mediterranean fruit flies.

What is RIDL Technique?

RIDL stands for the release of insects carrying a dominant lethal technology. In this procedure, the genetically modified mosquitoes are released into the environment. The mating combination of genetically modified mosquito and wild mosquito results in non-hatching eggs. Thus, by preventing the wild mosquito females from laying viable eggs, the RIDL technique is effective in controlling the mosquito population where the genetically modified mosquitoes are released.

The RIDL technique is effective in reducing dengue fever cases because only genetically modified male mosquitoes are released which do not bite. It is the mosquito females that bite humans and suck blood as it is necessary for producing eggs. RIDL has been successfully tested in the laboratory and in some controlled open areas of Brazil. However, scientists feel still more work needs to be done until the RIDL technique is used universally to control mosquito population.

There is no doubt the RIDL technique is effective in reducing Dengue fever cases. However, you still need to stand guard and look for effective ways to protect yourself from disease-carrying mosquitoes. Here are some effective ways to protect you from mosquitoes.

Mosquito Repellent Sprays

Using mosquito repellent sprays is one of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away from you. The mosquito repellent spray contain natural essential oils like citronella, an ingredient that is effective in keeping mosquitoes away.

Mosquitoes use the sensory receptors in their antennas to locate their prey.  Natural oils from our products interferes with working of sensory receptors in mosquitoes.  With their sensory receptors ineffective, mosquitoes cannot sense your presence around and fly past you.

Mosquito Control Treatment

Mosquito control in Singapore is highly effective in making the home and surrounding free from mosquitoes for a long time. In a proper treatment, the pest control service provider employs a scientific approach to get rid of mosquitoes. The first stage involves performing a survey of the site to ascertain the affected areas. Then a plan of action is drawn and executed which involves fogging and Larvicidal treatment that kills adult mosquitoes and their larvae.

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