Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Dropping the Dengue Fever By 91%


Mosquitoes are one of the dreadful pests that cause millions of death every year. Scientists have been working to make genetic modifications in mosquitoes to control their population and reduce the cases of mosquito related diseases. At last, they have been successful in their feat. Today, scientists use the RDIL technique that focuses on achieving […]

Chikungunya Fever – A Condition That Causes Chronic Consequences


Chikungunya fever is known to cause inflammation in the brain that can cause death and mosquitoes are carriers of this deadly Chikungunya virus. Though Chikungunya fever can be treated, there are many long-term severe consequences associated with Chikungunya fever. Let’s study the relation between Chikungunya fever and some medical complications that come soon after it. […]

The Economic Costs of Mosquito Borne Diseases


Mosquitoes might be tiny insects but their economic bite has become deadly over the years. It is a known fact that mosquitoes are carriers of several diseases that cause thousands of death worldwide. According to WHO (World Health Organization) mosquitoes is listed as top threats to public health across the world. The economic cost of […]

Your Outdoor Wedding! How to Keep Mosquitoes Away?


If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you need to take steps to mosquitoes away from the venue. Mosquitoes are notorious outdoor wedding crashers that can potentially ruin the whole wedding experience. No one likes to smack away pesky mosquitoes during wedding ceremonies and you would not want your guests to return home with mosquito-borne […]