Educating Your Children about Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are pests that are known to cause life-threatening diseases like yellow fever, dengue, and zika. Mosquito bites cause an itching sensation. If your child gets a mosquito bite, he or she is likely to react by scratching the itchy bump left behind by the mosquito. Scratching should be discouraged as it can cause a secondary infection. It is necessary you educate your child about mosquitoes and teach them to ways to protect themselves from mosquitoes.

How Do Mosquitoes Look Like?

Teach children to identify mosquitoes. You can show them pictures or imitate the sound they create when they are hovering near us.  This will help your child know more about this pesky insect and other biting insects as well.

Where Do Mosquitoes Live?

Tell your children about mosquito’s life cycle in a way they can understand. Ask your children to name places where mosquitoes generally lay their eggs such as ponds, puddles, ditches and at any place where stagnant water gets collected. Also, tell your children only female mosquitoes bite.

Mosquito Bites

Your child may get afraid of a mosquito bite and you need to reassure them that you are there to help. Tell them not all mosquitoes cause dreadful diseases. Explain them mosquito bites human and other animals to suck blood which is food for them. Also, tell them they should not scratch the itchy bump but apply ice on the mosquito bite to reduce the itching sensation and the swelling. If your child has fears about mosquito bites offer them additional information about mosquitoes and other ways to treat mosquito bites.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes?

Children have a curious nature and many would like to know the ways to get rid of mosquitoes and keep the family safe from mosquitoes. Teach your children to cultivate basic mosquito control habits like turning over empty pails and replace water in the flower vase regularly will help get rid of mosquitoes. Setting up the vaporizer along the windows will deter mosquitoes and other pests from entering, your house will stay free from mosquitoes for as long the vaporizer has liquid in it.

How To Stay Safe From Mosquitoes?

While pest control treatment will get rid of mosquitoes, these pesky insects can travel long distances and enter your house after the effect of insecticides gradually reduces after some days. You need to tell your children different ways to keep themselves safe from mosquitoes. Here are some effective ways to prevent mosquito bites.

Ask your children to wear long sleeved clothes whenever they see mosquitoes flying around. These insects are incapable of biting over the clothes and hence the clothes act as a protective covering against mosquito bites

Using mosquito repellent products are also a good alternative, look for repellents which are natural and also safe for children.  Tell your children that these products will drive the mosquitoes away from them.

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