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Chikungunya Fever – A Condition That Causes Chronic Consequences


Chikungunya fever is known to cause inflammation in the brain that can cause death and mosquitoes are carriers of this deadly Chikungunya virus. Though Chikungunya fever can be treated, there are many long-term severe consequences associated with Chikungunya fever. Let’s study the relation between Chikungunya fever and some medical complications that come soon after it. […]

How To Be Invisible To Mosquitoes?


Mosquitoes are dreadful pests that cause dreadful diseases like Dengue and Zika which cause thousands of deaths every year. Do you know there were more than 12,000 dengue cases reported in first 36 weeks of 2017 in Singapore? Looking at the alarming rate of dengue cases in Singapore you might think about options to save […]

Why Don’t Mosquitoes Get The Dengue Virus?


Do you know diseases like Dengue kill thousands of people every year? The surprising thing is the carrier of the disease; the mosquito doesn’t get affected by the deadly virus that causes these diseases. Let’s see the scientific reason behind it and understand how the mosquito survives the deadly virus. The Secret Of Mosquito’s Survival […]

Eliminate Mosquitoes – Repellent and Other Safety Measures


You love hanging out around East Coast Park, but sometimes you may avoid the area for the fear of unwanted guests. No, you are not worried about those campers who camp there but mosquitoes which can actually inflict more pain. Single-handedly they can turn any chilling session into a swat-fest! Well, mosquitoes have lived on […]