Why Don’t Mosquitoes Get The Dengue Virus?


Do you know diseases like Dengue kill thousands of people every year? The surprising thing is the carrier of the disease; the mosquito doesn’t get affected by the deadly virus that causes these diseases. Let’s see the scientific reason behind it and understand how the mosquito survives the deadly virus.

The Secret Of Mosquito’s Survival From The Dengue Virus

According to research findings, the dengue virus share a complex relationship with the mosquito. As we know, the dengue virus gets transmitted to the host when a mosquito carrying the dengue virus bites the victim. When the mosquito draws blood from the host, the Dengue virus gets released in the bloodstream of the victim where it multiplies and infects other blood cells.

The Dengue virus infect blood cells and the mosquito does not have any blood cells. Instead, its body contains a colorless liquid known as hemocytes which is equivalent to blood. Since the mosquito does not have blood, the Dengue virus escape to the mosquito’s saliva from the gut and get transferred to the victim it bites.

Also, the hemocytes depict a strange behavior when under threat. When the mosquito’ immune system is under threat, the hemocytes activate a cascade of proteins that destroy the infection causing Dengue virus. Thus, even if blood is the issue, the immune system of the mosquito will works well to protect it from the deadly Dengue virus. Scientists are studying this information to curb the mosquito population.

Mosquito Repellent- An Invisible Protection Shield To Humans

Natural chemicals from citronella works effectively to repel mosquitoes. The chemical compound interferes with the working of neurons and receptors cells in mosquito’s antennae and affects the mosquito ability to detect carbon dioxide and lactic acid released by the victim. With the receptors and neurons blocked, the mosquito cannot sense the presence of victim around and just flies away looking for victims at other places. Mosquito repellent with citronella can provide you good protection from mosquitoes for around 8 hours(depending on concentration). Since the effect of the chemicals fades away with time, you need to apply it regularly to keep mosquitoes away.


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