Eliminate Mosquitoes – Repellent and Other Safety Measures


You love hanging out around East Coast Park, but sometimes you may avoid the area for the fear of unwanted guests. No, you are not worried about those campers who camp there but mosquitoes which can actually inflict more pain. Single-handedly they can turn any chilling session into a swat-fest!

Well, mosquitoes have lived on earth for a long time and they are not going to go away—at least not before our time. However, luckily, there are many effective short-term solutions, perhaps none more effective than mosquito repellents.

Easy to use, mosquito repellents can keep mosquitoes away from you. However, this protection comes at a cost in case of chemical-based(Deet) mosquito repellents. They can trigger allergic reactions in some cases and can spell bad news for someone with asthma or reduced immunity.

That’s why a better deal is to use organic mosquito repellents in Singapore, which offer many advantages.

Benefits of Organic Mosquito Repellents

  1. Safe for the whole family. Everyone in the family can use them because they are completely safe and don’t cause side effects.
  2. Give off a pleasant fragrance. Unlike chemical-based repellents which can have an unpleasant smell, organic mosquito repellents have a nice smell, which even your pets will appreciate!
  3. These are water-based. Most non-organic mosquito repellents are alcohol-based, and as such might not be safe for households with small kids and pets.
  4. There’s no risk of allergic reactions. When you use organic mosquito repellents, you don’t have to worry about suffering an allergic reaction.

Mosquito repellent is an effective mosquito control solution, but it is not the only one or the best one.

Some Other Mosquito Control Methods

  • Mosquito Dunks

You can kill the larvae, which is much easier to eliminate compared to the adult mosquito, by dropping mosquito dunks in sources of stagnant water.

  • Use Garden Feeder Solution

If you have some garden feeder lying around, you can use it to make a potent mosquito-killing solution. You will need some Epsom-salt, stale beer (of any kind), and an alcohol-based mouthwash. Mix all these three things in equal parts and add the resulting solution to a garden feeder. Pour the final solution into your garden sprayer and then generously spray it all over the garden, especially at those places where mosquitoes are most likely to be present.

In addition to using garden-feeder solution, make sure you remove all standing water sources from your garden and backyard.

  • Use Mosquito Traps

At times it is not possible to remove all the sources of standing water, however, there are cases where there are no stagnant waters, yet having a mosquito problem is severe. In either situation, you’ll be much better off using a reputable mosquito trap for effective mosquito control in Singapore.

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