What Makes Mosquitoes Different From Other Insects


Of all of the insects that act as vectors in spreading diseases to man and other creatures; mosquitoes are definitely the most unique. They don’t just spread malaria, yellow fever and dengue to human beings, they also do transmit heartworms in dogs and viral encephalitis in horses. Studies reveal that there are approximately 50 species of mosquitoes in the world which is a lot more than any other insects.

Organ Sensors

Mosquitoes are found to demonstrate some characteristics which are rather distinctive from other insects. For example, an adult mosquito has organs that function as a sensor which assists them in tracking their prey.

Chemical sensors – These features found only in mosquitoes are believed to sense carbon dioxide and lactic acid from a distance as far as 100 feet (36 meters) away.

Visual sensors – Mosquitoes are thought to track on the prey as it moves even when wearing clothes with a big contrast with the background. Utilizing the visual sensors, mosquitoes can see you and zero in on you. To mosquitoes anything going is “alive”, and full of blood, hence a fantastic target.

Heat sensors – Unlike other insects mosquitoes can detect heat, these heat sensors help in finding warm-blooded mammals and birds with no difficulty.


Aside from body features that are thought to be unique from other insects, mosquitoes can inhabit and breed in just about any habitat on earth; they have been observed in the Arctic Circle to the tropics.

Whereas most insects both male and female feed on precisely the identical sort of feed; the female mosquito feeds on mammal blood-feeding while the male is a nectar feeder. The females require the protein in blood to produce fertile eggs.

Mosquitoes, unlike other insects when in the mating season, they produce a buzzing sound which mosquitoes can hear each other from a significant distance, it’s estimated to be approximately one foot or 3.3 feet. According to Gabriella Gibson, a mosquito expert at the University of Greenwich “Every species of mosquitoes has its own unique buzzing song” The buzzing style is used for attracting male mosquitoes for mating.

Mosquito Control

Controlling mosquitoes requires more money and resources than the control of any other insects. It’s quite tricky to control mosquitoes around your area and the entire process can be frustrating. Many species of mosquitoes can fly long distances from their breeding grounds, whereas other mosquito species are shown to be resistant to most chemicals used in their control. Mozquit.com is an expert in mosquito trap and natural mosquito repellent in Singapore where you are able to get products to eliminate/repel these troublesome insects.

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