What Do Mosquitoes Eat? (Other Than Blood)


Did you know that blood isn’t the only thing mosquitoes eat? The truth is all mosquitoes will need to include something else in their diet to be able to survive.

Sugar from Plants

Yes, mosquitoes feed on nectar and other plant-based sugars that naturally occur on foliage and other blossoming flowers. Mosquitoes need sugar from plants so as to survive; these sugars provide energy and sustain mosquitoes through their entire lives!

This is particularly true in regards to male mosquitoes because their proboscis (the little needle like part of their body they use to eat food ) is not intended to eat blood. Thus male mosquitoes don’t bite or suck the blood of people as they don’t have any need for blood. Females, on the other hand, do consume blood and if you find one looking to make a snack from you then you can be sure it’s a female!

So some questions that you may wonder are: if mosquitoes don’t require blood to live, then why are we the victim of the thirst for blood? Is there anything I can do to avoid these pesky bugs out of attacking me while I step foot into any outside area?

The reason female mosquitoes bite and suck the blood of humans is that they require protein so as to lay eggs. Plant nectar alone can’t provide enough protein for the female mosquito to lay her eggs. So in order for mosquitoes to keep on sustaining their population, the female mosquitoes must take in blood from living things! The female will have to take in at least one full blood meal to lay each batch of eggs, and this may occur up to five times during their 14-day life span.

The way to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes?

Among the best ways to decrease the population of mosquitoes in your area is by being aware of areas in your neighbourhood which could be used to breed. Another important fact to take into account is that mosquitoes do not travel far from their spawning place. So in case you allow them to breed in just in your home, you will find yourself having a terrible mosquito issue!

If there are no possible breeding areas in your neighbourhood, you can protect yourself with several kinds of mosquito repellents, such as spray on DEET or natural repellents like our Aqua Spray. If you aren’t fond of putting repellent on your skin you may use products that give off the smell instead such as the repeller vaporizer.

How Can This Article Benefit Me?

If you let only one mosquito lay eggs around your neighbourhood, it’ll be potential spawn for 200 new mosquitoes in only a week! Also understanding their diet can help combat this annoying animal. So in conclusion, a tiny bit of knowledge can go a long way in reducing the mosquito population in your area! So stay informed and use the methods in this report for proper mosquito control in Singapore and keep those annoying insects off your skin!

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