Mosquitoes Small But Dangerous


Mosquitoes are generally smaller than a shirt button, however, they pose massive health dangers. Slightly more than 140 species are discovered all through Singapore, but only a few of which will transmit the Dengue virus and different viruses that can trigger filariasis.

In accordance with the National Environment Agency, there is are 13,100 instances of Dengue that have been reported within Singapore, together with 9 deaths in 2016. Severe signs of Dengue virus can encompass excessive fever, headache, neck stiffness, disorientation, convulsions; and the virus may even be deadly.

Moreover, mosquitoes are a source that brings health issues internationally by carrying and transmitting infectious viruses that trigger ailments comparable to malaria, elephantiasis, and Zika.

“Not the sole reason that are mosquitoes harmful, they’re annoying as well, rating the top amongst the most often encountered pests in Singaporean houses,” says Mr Lee, Technical Director for Mozquit. “It is very important to defend your self and your loved ones towards mosquitoes, particularly throughout June/July, when dengue cases are most prevalent.”

Luckily, 90 % of Singaporeans understand that mosquitoes are able to spread illness and adversely impact personal health. Armed with this information, home owners ought to proactively comply with the following tips to assist our defence towards mosquito populations thriving in and around their houses:

4 Things To Take Note

• When your out-of-doors, apply an insect repellent on clothes and uncovered skin.

• All the while through the prime mosquito-biting hours of nightfall to daybreak put on long sleeved tops and pants sprayed along with mosquito repellent Singapore, or just think about staying indoors instead.

• Double check screens on home windows and doorways are matched tightly and don’t have any big holes.

• Bear in mind that mosquitoes only requires a thimbleful of water to breed and survive, so eradicate potential breeding grounds by emptying standing water from objects across the residence, together with flower pots, buckets, tire swings and kids’ wading pools. Change the water in pet dishes and birdbaths often.

Controlling mosquito populations could be troublesome, however with an easy solution offered by Mozquit, the very best nationwide DIY pest control supplier providing Do-it-yourself merchandise towards these harmful mosquitoes.

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