Don’t Get Bugged By Biting Pests This Year


Warm, wet weather has led to the early arrival of the dengue virus last year. The pools of standing water left from the rains serve as excellent breeding places for mosquitoes, including those that carry the Dengue virus. Since the Dengue virus was first identified in Singapore, mosquitoes have become more than just a nuisance. They have contributed to more than 13,100 instances of dengue fever with 9 deaths in 2016 alone. Although mosquitoes are expected to be out in full force this summer, homeowners can help reduce mosquito populations in their areas with the following steps.

Clear Standing Water From Your Landscape

With a wetter-than-normal environment now, many homeowners will now have standing water in their gutters and plant pots. Because mosquitoes lay their eggs in static water, one of the simplest ways to decrease the community of mosquito throughout the house is to remove this habitat.  To take action, empty or take away containers that constrain water movement; clear out gutters and drainage ditches; and exchange with new water in flower pots and vases within three to 4 days.

Create Motion in Stagnant Water

Having water around is inevitable when you have pools or ponds around your house. Another option for stagnant water sources is to add a water pump, fountain or waterfall. Also, pools and outdoors tubs make great mosquito living surroundings. Homeowners should ensure that these bodies of water are chlorinated according to the manufacturer’s directions and covered when not in use.

Trap Them

Mosquitoes are attracted to ultra violet light frequency. During their active feeding times around dusk, turn on the mosquito trap to allow them to be sucked into the vortex and be killed.

Consult NEA or Pest Control Professional

Health departments and pest control professionals can help you locate potential mosquito breeding spot and treat them with larvae killing chemicals. These chemicals will kill mosquito larvae before they can become a fully developed biting pest. You should also check with NEA to ensure larvicide is being used near your home and in other parts of your community.

Repel and Keep Them Away

Mosquitoes hate the scent of citrus. Repel them with our full natural mosquito repellent in Singapore, place it along windows and dark corners to keep them away.

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