Chikungunya Fever – A Condition That Causes Chronic Consequences


Chikungunya fever is known to cause inflammation in the brain that can cause death and mosquitoes are carriers of this deadly Chikungunya virus. Though Chikungunya fever can be treated, there are many long-term severe consequences associated with Chikungunya fever.

Let’s study the relation between Chikungunya fever and some medical complications that come soon after it.

Continuous Joint Pain After Chikungunya Fever

Even after a successful treatment of Chikungunya fever, your body suffers due to long-term consequences of Chikungunya virus infection. A medical study conducted in France has shown many people who suffered from Chikungunya fever reported of consistent joint pain even after recovering from the infection. The medical analysis of the patients showed they had IgM antibodies related to Chikungunya even after a symptom free period of 1 month. The persistent arthralgia was also found to be related to Chikungunya virus infection. Many patients who recovered from Chikungunya fever found it difficult to perform daily activities for several months.

Higher Possibility Of Arthritis After Chikungunya Fever

A clinical study has shown people who have recovered from Chikungunya fever might suffer from arthritis in later life. The Chikungunya viral infection is known to cause arthritis in patients even after symptom-free months/years after initial infection. The Chikungunya virus is also known to help in the progression of the rheumatic disease. Increase in liver enzyme levels and low platelet counts are some of the risk factors that might exist after successful treatment of Chikungunya fever.

Looking at the chronic consequences of Chikungunya fever, you need to take all precautionary measures to protect yourself and toddlers from mosquitoes.

How To Protect Yourself From Chikungunya Fever?

Use Mosquito Repellents To Keep Mosquitoes Away

An old adage says- prevention is better than cure. You need to protect yourself from mosquito bites which would automatically protect you from diseases like Chikungunya fever. According to scientists, mosquito repellents containing DEET as the main ingredient are effective in repelling mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are known to have chemical receptors in their antennae’s that detect the presence of carbon dioxide that we exhale. DEET interferes with working of chemical receptors in mosquitoes antennae’s and the result is they cannot detect your presence even when you are around. With the chemical receptors becoming ineffective, mosquitoes fly past you without biting you. However, the effect of DEET is for a specific period of time. You need to apply mosquito repellent cream again to continue repelling mosquitoes.

If you don’t like applying creams to protect yourself from mosquitoes, you can consider mosquito control treatment performed at home/office to get rid of mosquitoes altogether.

Mosquito Control Treatment For A Mosquito-free Environment

Mosquito control can help you stay in a mosquito free environment for a long time as it uses a scientific approach to get rid of mosquitoes. It is done in two stages; the first stage involves a survey of the affected area and the second stage involves different mosquito control treatments to kill adult mosquitoes and destroy their breeding grounds. This treatment employs non-chemical and biological control agents to control the dangers of mosquito population.

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