Why Am I Chosen for the Bite of A Mosquito?


Mosquitoes are definitely opinionated and choosy about whose blood they prefer. You can maintain a group of individuals and like a bell curve, a few of those folks won’t have any mosquito bites, most of the group will find a few, and then a small group of people will get dozens of itchy welts to drive them crazy. Why do these blood suckers go after people and not others?


In a word – smell. It is dependent upon how you smell. Your aroma could be created by scents that work against you. Your new scent ought to be useful if the ingredients is an effective mosquito repellent. On the other hand, if you use perfumed lotions, soaps or body sprays, it might be an invitation instead.

Body Chemistry

Apart from those false aromas, one of the best indicators which an individual is more likely to be victims of mosquitoes is the body chemistry.

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. Carbon dioxide is the flag indicator to a mosquito that this is an animal with blood. There is a myriad of aromas we emit as humans to distinguish us.

For instance, if you typically have an issue with smelly feet, it’s likely that you are a huge target for mosquitoes. Your own scent mixed with bacteria you harbour in your shoes creates a stench where mosquitoes are drawn to like honey bees to pretty flowers.

So you feel like there are mosquito bites on your legs and yet your spouse never gets bitten, it’s definitely time to evaluate what the issue is. Go for natural mosquito repellent┬áSingapore┬áto ensure they don’t feed on you everytime your out.

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