Types of Mosquito Larvae Control


Are you looking for an efficient mosquito control solution?

If yes, you should do what experts say is the best way to get rid of mosquito problem—that is, to invest in mosquito larvae control.

And when you think of it this advice makes good sense. After all, unless you also do larvae control, how can you get rid of mosquito population?

Even when you have successfully removed existing mosquito population with mosquito repellents, if there are areas in your house, like back garden, with mosquito larvae infestation, the mosquito problem will resurface pretty soon. Therefore, for an effective solution, you must tackle both existing mosquito population and larvae population.

How to Control Mosquitoes at Larval Stage?

Stagnant water is a safe haven for mosquito larvae, which live in it until they mature into adult mosquitoes. It is possible to see mosquito larvae with naked eye as they might be as big as 5mm. However, they are very sensitive and will quickly submerge into water in case they detect any danger or disturbance.

Controlling Mosquitoes at larvae stage involves two steps:

  1. Eliminating existing infestations
  2. Preventing re-infestation

After you’ve terminated the present larvae population, it is necessary that you comb your garden and back yard at regular intervals to look for water sources because mosquito larvae can’t survive without water.

How to Eliminate Existing Larvae Infestations?

With help of larvicides, you can target larvae in their breeding habitat to prevent them from maturing into adult mosquitoes. This in turn will help reduce the population of adult mosquitoes around your home.

Broadly speaking, larvicides can be divided into categories:

  1. Liquid larvicides – You need to apply these products directly to water. For this purpose, you can use backpack sprays.
  2. Solid larvicides – These too are applied directly to breeding areas. Solid larvicides are available in form of tablets, granular formulations, and pellets.

Before you select a larvicide, it is important to ensure that it has been approved for use. Also remember to keep larvicides away from children’s reach, as they can be very harmful if consumed.

Different Types of Larvae Control Solutions

While there are many different types of larvicides, shared below are the details of some most common ones.

  1. Insect Growth Inhibitors – They prevent larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes.
  2. Bacterial Insecticides – Contains bacteria which make it difficult for mosquitoes to digest food. As a result, mosquitoes starve to death.
  3. Organophosphate Insecticide – These products attack the mosquitoes’ nervous system. The most common type of organophosphate insecticide is Temephos. It is applied directly to standing water.
  4. Other materials – Oils can be used for killing larvae population as well. Mineral oils form a thin layer on water surface and this in turn causes larvae to drown.

The best and cheapest way to get rid of larvae population is to DIY with products from an experienced Mosquito Control Singapore online store, whom uses our vast experience to produce products tailor-made for your needs.

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