How to Kill Mosquitoes in 3 Simple Steps


Mosquito bites—but so does love, as many says. But then, mosquito bites send many people to the hospital every year and more than a few to an early grave. Love, it doesn’t kill, does it?
So, let love flow in and out of your life as much as you want (after all, who has died from too much love?), but minimize your exposure to mosquitoes. Here are three ways in which you can eliminate disease-causing mosquitoes.

Take Care of Breeding Grounds

This is the first step and a very important one at that too. You shouldn’t falter here. Mosquitoes can’t do without water. They need it for breeding, and often even a single rain drop is good enough excuse for them to start multiplying. Therefore, do everything in your power to remove all sources of standing water on your property.
Walk around your lawn after rain to look for places where water is standing, and remove them. But mind you, this is not a one-time exercise. You’ll have to do this after every fresh spell of rain for best effectiveness.
Remove any old buckets lying in your home. And the same goes for any containers that you no longer use. If there are any children toys or other containers that might hold water, remove them as well.
Ensure your gutters are clean, and in case of any soil depression, fill it as soon as possible. If the drains are blocked, take measures to clear away the blockage.
At times you might not be able to remove standing water, for instance, in case of bird baths or a swamp outside your home. Well, in such a case you can give a call to your local mosquito control Singapore agency.

Keep Your Home Well Protected

Use window screens and door screens to prevent mosquitoes from gaining entry inside your home. An indoor mosquito trap or a handheld zapper could be used for occasionally if they managed to enter your house, despite your best efforts. Mosquito repellents Singapore are available in many different brands and they work by interrupting detecting feelers of mosquitoes. You can also consider using mosquito dunks to kill adult mosquitoes in stagnant water.

Protect Yourself

Last but not the least, use mosquito sprays to protect yourself and your family members from mosquito bites. There are many such products in the market, however, do note that DEET-based mosquito repellents are known to have unwanted side effects on toddlers and pets. Therefore, it would be best to use organic mosquito repellents, which keep mosquitoes away from you without causing putting your health at risk.

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