Fighting Mosquitoes in the Great Outdoors


Love outdoors but don’t go out as often as you’d like because of fear of mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are not just an outdoor nuisance; they can be a big health hazard. They cause diseases like West Nile Virus, Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya, among others.

While commercial solutions are effective, they can adversely affect human and pet health. Here are some effective methods of fighting mosquitoes in outdoors which doesn’t involve hiring services of a big mosquito control Singapore agency.

Burn Pinion Wood

You can burn pinion wood using a chiminea. Alternatively, you can use some other smaller fireplace.

Use an Outdoor Fan

Do you know that mosquitoes are strongly put off by a breeze? It seems that mosquitoes don’t like a breeze. Give these irritating—and often dangerous—winged creatures exactly what they hate.

A breeze over 1 mile per hour throws off the infrared senses of mosquitoes, making it extremely difficult for them to fly. However, remember to focus the flow of air of the plugged-in fans toward the lower half of your body. That’s because mosquitoes tend to fly close to the ground.

Use A Spray Bottle

Have an old spray bottle lying around? Then why not use it with some other common household liquids to prepare a potent mosquito-killing solution?

Mix one-third Epsom salt, one-third stale beer, and one-third mouth wash (pick ones with alcohol in them). Now mix this solution with the spray bottle and thoroughly spray your areas where mosquitoes are likely to breed.

You should complete this procedure two times a year, once at the starting of the year and once during the middle. While you might the smell a little funny, it dissipates rather quickly, so there’s nothing to worry about. This method is as effective as any other in keeping mosquitoes away. So, give it a try!

Lemon-Scented Geranium Plant

This plant is also fondly called the “mosquito plant”. It seems mosquitoes don’t like the smell of this plant and are repelled by it. You can use the lemon-scented Geranium to keep mosquitoes away from your balcony.

Red Cedar Chips

Red Cedar chips serve a dual purpose: they ward off mosquitoes, as well as make your balcony look more beautiful. You can use them just the way you would use them in your garden under normal circumstances.

For those parts where you can’t place the chips, use a spray solution prepared out of red cedar chips. Start with heating some chips in a bowl of water till water starts boiling.After it has cooled down, mix it with a mosquito repellent in Singapore. Next, put the solution into a portable sprayer and generously spray the solution onto areas where it’s impossible to place the chips themselves.

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