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Heartworms in Dogs and Cats: There’s No Such Thing as an Outdoor Only Mosquito


Do you know humans aren’t the only ones at risk from mosquitoes? Your feline friends like your cat and dogs at home also face a risk from mosquitoes. Heart-worm infestation is common in cats and dogs and the mosquitoes are the carriers of microscopic heart-worm larvae. Heart-Worm Life Cycle When a mosquito sucks blood from […]

How Do Mosquitoes Find Their Victims?


Mosquitoes are blood-sucking pests that find its victims swiftly and often gets unnoticed. Have you wondered how these tiny pests are able to find you even in the darkest places? Here is some useful information that can help you know more about these dangerous pests. Carbon Dioxide It is no secret the air we exhale […]

Understand the Dangers of a Mosquito


Do you know Mosquito kills more people than human murderers? Malaria is the biggest killer of human race, killing millions of people every year. According to the United Nation’s report, there has been 13.3% increase in Malaria cases since 1990 and there is an average increase of 0.6% every year. To protect your toddlers and […]

Methods for Trapping Mosquitoes


There are very few pests as dreadful as mosquitoes. Mosquitoes not only bite and suck blood but they also transmit deadly diseases. If your home or workplace is infested with mosquitoes, you need to take immediate steps and safety measures to trap them. Here are few effective methods of trapping mosquitoes. DIY 1.5 Liter Bottle […]

Fighting Mosquitoes in the Great Outdoors


Love outdoors but don’t go out as often as you’d like because of fear of mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are not just an outdoor nuisance; they can be a big health hazard. They cause diseases like West Nile Virus, Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya, among others. While commercial solutions are effective, they can adversely affect human and pet health. […]

Understanding Mosquitoes – Their Diet and Breeding


To win the battle against mosquitoes, it is important to know some basic truths about them. Food Habits of Adult Mosquitoes In most species, both male mosquitoes and female mosquitoes feed on nectar. However, female mosquitoes, in addition to nectar, takes a blood meal. Female mosquitoes require blood meal because it provides fuel for egg […]

Mosquito Pet Protection Basics


Mosquitoes and pets usually do not get along together and it is imperative that you take action to safeguard your pets from mosquitoes this coming dengue season. That protection starts now because your cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets are just as susceptible to infection from mosquito bites as you are. Mosquitoes bite to extract […]

7 Diseases Spread by Mosquitoes


With only one bite, this little insect can cause you trouble for an uncomfortably long period. On most cases, a mosquito bite can be benign. Small lumps may emerge on the bitten skin, which may itch for a little while and then vanish and disregarded by you. But there are times when a simple mosquito bite may […]