How Do Mosquitoes Find Their Victims?


Mosquitoes are blood-sucking pests that find its victims swiftly and often gets unnoticed. Have you wondered how these tiny pests are able to find you even in the darkest places? Here is some useful information that can help you know more about these dangerous pests.

Carbon Dioxide

It is no secret the air we exhale while breathing contains a high concentration of carbon dioxide. Do you know mosquitoes have nerve cells known as cpA that have receptors of carbon dioxide? This enables them to sense the carbon dioxide plumes that rise in the air when we exhale air. Mosquitoes can sense carbon plumes from a distance of 35-70 feet.


Mosquitoes have two compounds eyes; one eye located on each side of mosquito’s head. Unlike humans, mosquitoes have compound eyes made of hundreds of small lenses known as ommatidia. The multiple ommatidia lenses in mosquito’s eye allow them to see from many directions at once. There is no doubt vision is one of the critical senses in the mosquito to find their victims. A mosquito can see its victim from a distance of 15-50 feet.

Body Heat

Bodies of living organisms release heat and mosquitoes can detect heat signature of their victims from a distance of 20 centimeters. The mosquito’s antennae’s have a set of distal antennal sensory structures that specifically respond to temperature gradients.

Thus, you can see that mosquito uses all three senses – sight, smell, and movement to find their victims.

This information about them have been used to develop strategies to keep these harmful pests away and protect people and pets from dreadful diseases carried by them.

Use Mosquito Repellents Keep Mosquitoes Away

According to mosquito research experts, the mosquito’s ability to find its victim is greatly reduced if any chemical interferes with its cells and neurons that can detect carbon dioxide. Mosquito repellent contains active ingredients like citronella that affects mosquito’s capability to detect carbon dioxide. The result is it can’t sense the presence of victims even when it is within 35-70 feet range. By using a mosquito repellent you can keep mosquitoes away.

If you do not like the idea of using a mosquito repellent, consider long-term measures like basic mosquito control around your home.

Mosquito Control To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

The best way to protect you from mosquitoes is pest control. Here are several mosquito control strategies to get rid of mosquitoes and their breeding grounds.

  • Larvaciding that kills mosquitoes in larvae stages
  • Mosquito traps to attract and kill adult mosquitoes
  • Barrier treatment to kills and repel mosquitoes and other pests

These multi-faceted mosquito control techniques are effective and will keep your home and surroundings mosquito free for a long time if done correctly.

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