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Why Don’t Mosquitoes Get The Dengue Virus?


Do you know diseases like Dengue kill thousands of people every year? The surprising thing is the carrier of the disease; the mosquito doesn’t get affected by the deadly virus that causes these diseases. Let’s see the scientific reason behind it and understand how the mosquito survives the deadly virus. The Secret Of Mosquito’s Survival […]

Heartworms in Dogs and Cats: There’s No Such Thing as an Outdoor Only Mosquito


Do you know humans aren’t the only ones at risk from mosquitoes? Your feline friends like your cat and dogs at home also face a risk from mosquitoes. Heart-worm infestation is common in cats and dogs and the mosquitoes are the carriers of microscopic heart-worm larvae. Heart-Worm Life Cycle When a mosquito sucks blood from […]

How Do Mosquitoes Find Their Victims?


Mosquitoes are blood-sucking pests that find its victims swiftly and often gets unnoticed. Have you wondered how these tiny pests are able to find you even in the darkest places? Here is some useful information that can help you know more about these dangerous pests. Carbon Dioxide It is no secret the air we exhale […]

Understand the Dangers of a Mosquito


Do you know Mosquito kills more people than human murderers? Malaria is the biggest killer of human race, killing millions of people every year. According to the United Nation’s report, there has been 13.3% increase in Malaria cases since 1990 and there is an average increase of 0.6% every year. To protect your toddlers and […]