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Important Symptoms Of Dengue That You Need To Know


Dengue fever is a significant disease that mostly occurs in subtropical and tropical regions of the world. Some of the dengue’s mild symptoms are muscles, rashes, fever and pain. It is highly advised to get a check-up done at the earliest if you are having above mentioned signs and symptoms. What Are the Symptoms of […]

Mosquito Pet Protection Basics


Mosquitoes and pets usually do not get along together and it is imperative that you take action to safeguard your pets from mosquitoes this coming dengue season. That protection starts now because your cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets are just as susceptible to infection from mosquito bites as you are. Mosquitoes bite to extract […]

What Makes Mosquitoes Different From Other Insects


Of all of the insects that act as vectors in spreading diseases to man and other creatures; mosquitoes are definitely the most unique. They don’t just spread malaria, yellow fever and dengue to human beings, they also do transmit heartworms in dogs and viral encephalitis in horses. Studies reveal that there are approximately 50 species of mosquitoes […]

Protecting Toddlers From Mosquitoes


Families with young kids and infants take special care in making certain their houses are properly ventilated, baby food is cleanly prepared and the rooms are clean. These measures are really necessary to guarantee baby’s overall health and well being. But do we pay adequate attention controlling the pests within our houses? The common reply […]

What Do Mosquitoes Eat? (Other Than Blood)


Did you know that blood isn’t the only thing mosquitoes eat? The truth is all mosquitoes will need to include something else in their diet to be able to survive. Sugar from Plants Yes, mosquitoes feed on nectar and other plant-based sugars that naturally occur on foliage and other blossoming flowers. Mosquitoes need sugar from […]

Mosquito Repellent Plants To Grow


Nobody likes getting bitten by mosquitoes. It is a problem that lots of individuals face, especially in the summer months. Mosquito bites are itchy, annoying and can even carry diseases. Many gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts are often overrun by mosquitoes and look for solutions to this growing problem. While people do use commercial products and […]

7 Diseases Spread by Mosquitoes


With only one bite, this little insect can cause you trouble for an uncomfortably long period. On most cases, a mosquito bite can be benign. Small lumps may emerge on the bitten skin, which may itch for a little while and then vanish and disregarded by you. But there are times when a simple mosquito bite may […]